Private Label for Skin Care & Cosmetic Products

Private Label Skincare & Cosmetic Manufacturer in Malaysia

Everfresh Premium offers private label services for skincare and cosmetic products, focusing on quality ingredients and manufacturing standards. With our expertise in personal care, skincare, hair care, baby care, color cosmetics, and fragrance, we are renowned in Malaysia for our excellence. We prioritize Halal-certified products, ensuring high standards and customer satisfaction.

Building Brands,
One Trusted Name at a Time.

Our Premium Private Label Products

Elevate Your Branding: Effortlessly Craft Your Private Label Skincare & Cosmetics Line

All products comply with GMP and Halal requirements.
We guarantee that all our product are ethically crafted, strictly cruelty-free.

All products comply with GMP and Halal requirements. We guarantee that all our product are ethically crafted, strictly cruelty-free.


Develop & Customize Formulations

Develop unique product formulas tailored to client specifications.

Designing Containers and Packaging

Create appealing packaging designs for branding and product presentation.

Contract Manufacturing

Assign production to private label manufacturers for efficient manufacturing.

Registration & Regulation

Complete registration and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Quality Assurance

Ensure product quality through rigorous testing and inspection procedures.



Our R&D team brings you the latest technology in the beauty industry.


We focus on ensuring timelines and consistency in our deliverables.


Our quick turnaround time ensure you meet your project timelines.


We create bespoke and customized solutions to suit all your business models.


Striving to minimize our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly packaging and sustainable sourcing practices.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing exceptional customer service, putting the needs and preferences of our customers first.


19A, Jalan Makmur 7, Taman Makmur,
09600, Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia.

Why Private Label for Your Skincare and Cosmetic Brand?

  • Keep Customers Happy
  • Find New Income Streams
  • Build a Strong Image
  • Control Quality & Pricing
  • Stay Ahead of Rivals
  • Give Exclusive Deals
  • Get Repeat Buyers
  • Boost Profits

Private Label Skin Care FAQs

What does "private label" imply in skincare and cosmetics?

“Private label” in skincare and cosmetics refers to products manufactured or packaged for retailers under their branding, not the manufacturer’s.

Essentially, it allows retailers to offer their own unique line of skincare, hair care, makeup, and bath and body products, without having to develop them from scratch. This concept is often referred to as “white label,” as the retailer applies their branding to the packaging, providing a sense of exclusivity and ownership over the products they offer.

A private label skin care manufacturer is a company that produces skincare products under the branding of another company, typically a retailer or distributor. They handle the formulation, production, and packaging of the products, allowing the client to market them under their own brand name.

A good private label skin care manufacturer should offer several key features:

  1. Quality Ingredients: They should use high-quality ingredients to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the products.

  2. Custom Formulation: The manufacturer should be able to create custom formulations tailored to the client’s specifications and target market.

  3. Compliance and Regulation: They must adhere to all regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure the safety and legality of the products.

  4. Packaging Options: A variety of packaging options should be available to suit the client’s branding and marketing strategy.

  5. Flexibility: The manufacturer should be flexible in accommodating different order sizes and production schedules to meet the client’s needs.

  6. Transparency: Clear communication and transparency throughout the manufacturing process are essential for building trust and maintaining a strong client-manufacturer relationship.

To create your own skin care brand, begin by identifying your target market and unique selling proposition. Research and develop your product formulations, then partner with a reputable private label manufacturer like EverFresh Premium to produce them. Design your branding, including packaging and labeling, while ensuring compliance with regulations. Develop a marketing strategy to promote your brand and attract customers. Regularly assess and adjust your approach to align with changing market trends and customer preferences.

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